Why Use Global Ocean Freight?

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With today's global marketplace, ocean freight shipping methods can help you to ship your products all over the world both easily and conveniently. For a beginner in the global economy, there are many options to choose from and several factors to consider before deciding on your shipping provider.

Some questions to consider when choosing an ocean freight company include:

Do they have a freight forwarding service? This is to ensure the proper delivery of your goods, from harbor to customer. This service generally includes all the paperwork needed for shipping international goods, eliminating the hassle of having to deal with foreign port authorities yourself.

What are the rates? For the most part, regular customers with an account will get the very best rates, and you will be working with an account manager who will help you with choosing the services you need to get the best deals.

Do I have to pay for the entire shipping container? Many times, there will be space available in the cargo containers that you can purchase for your items, this is known as a less-than-full-load container. This cuts your shipping costs considerably.

Should I insure my packages? Most definitely “yes” to that question. Always make the small investment to insure your packages. Damage and loss are the realities of shipping, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How reliable is the company I am considering? Do not simply take their word for it. Do your homework and find customer testimonials or reviews before deciding who will ship your goods. A long history of delivery problems is a warning flag not to be ignored.

How safe is ocean freight shipping? There are no 100% sure things in the world, and accidents do happen on the open ocean. Ships encounter problems, storms can be sudden, and there is the potential for loss of cargo. Statistically, however, ships are a safe mode of cargo transport.

What about customs? Most ocean freight companies offer a forwarding service that handles customs and the delivery of your items when they arrive at their destination.

Ships have been hauling freight for hundreds of years, and not much has changed, except the design and material of the ships themselves. As long as cargo needs to be delivered to other countries, ships will be delivering it to them. Most of what is shipped by ocean freight can't be shipped any other way effectively, and as long as the item does not need to be delivered in a few days, it is a very cost-effective way to get your goods to the global marketplace.

Whether importing or exporting goods, our planet's oceans have been the most traveled commerce routes ever, and they continue to be as useful now as in the days before air travel. Computers and global positioning satellites make keeping track of these ships much easier than ever before. Most shipping companies offer online tracking of your cargo, as each container is coded and entered into their computer system.

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Why Use Global Ocean Freight?

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Why Use Global Ocean Freight?

This article was published on 2012/01/26