International Ocean Shipping – An Overview

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The immediate concern that you have to address once you have decided to shift to a new country either for domestic or commercial purpose is that of identifying a genuine and a reliable International Shipping Company. However these companies are into a variety of shipping services like International Freight Shipping, International Ocean Shipping, International Air Shipping, Auto shipping, Cargo shipping, Storage and warehouse solutions and much more.

What does it deal with?

International Ocean Shipping Company, in specific, refers to the shipping services of a company through Ocean route. You can select international shipping companies considering the feasibility aspect of it. The best company can be chosen after comparing various international ocean shipping rates. The Ocean shipping companies have a rich experience in importing and exporting sea freight along with timely sailings from all major ports around the world.

What are the services provided? 

International ocean freight shipping companies provide various services like packing, crating, ocean export and import , storage, customs, packaging, trucking and various other forms of worldwide shipping. Different companies have different areas of specialization. While some specialize in personal shipments, some specialize in commercial shipments and others specialize more specifically on vehicle shipments. It’s not just easy, but safe and economical too, to transport goods through the International ocean freight shipping.

There are various new rules and regulations in the international ocean freight shipping industry. One of them are to prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases spreading across the world. Certain rules have originated from the International Plant Protection Convention and are popularly known as the ISPM 15 rules. It applies specifically on freight shipments containing wood packaging material such as pallets, crates, Dunne, drums, wood cases. The easiest way to avoid possible problems related to the ISPM 15 is to pack your cargo with cardboard, plywood, veneer only. Also plastic shipping supplies avoid usage of wood in the packing.

The network of services of the International shipping companies is fast expanding. Ocean Shipping services in the Middle Eastern countries or the African countries like Shipping to Jordan or shipping to Morocco, was never so easy. With today’s advanced technology and high standard of performance, these companies are becoming an extreme necessity for people considering shifting totally to a new country.

There is a new genre of consultants for you even to understand and decide the kind of International Ocean shipping you would want to choose. These consultants provide data on the economic feasibility, Port development details, the entire project cost and benefit analysis, various transport system comparisons, freight market analysis, various material handling equivalents, shipping costs, commodity forecasting, market studies and analysis, transshipment analysis and much more. They also provide the expert advice on container shipping, passenger shipping, offshore markets, bulk shipping markets, shipyard and new building studies to name a few. 

So whatever be the purpose of your shifting, you have a specialized service provider who will put you at ease as your logistics are taken care of. The only activity you are required to do is to track the shipment. Everything else is taken good care of by the International ocean shipping companies.

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International Ocean Shipping – An Overview

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International Ocean Shipping – An Overview

This article was published on 2012/02/20