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Car shipping is an easy term that means transporting a vehicle from one coast to another coast. There are loads of difficulties encountered when transporting the vehicle because it is not merely putting the vehicle inside a container and that’s it!


You have two options in Car Shipping. Option 1 is shipping your car in an open carrier and Option 2 is shipping your car in an enclosed carrier. There are also advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

When we talk about Open Carrier, it is about gigantic transport trucks that have over 400 horsepower with so much space that can accommodate around six to ten cars. The advantage of selecting this option is that it would cost less. The drawback of this selection is that the vehicle will not be cosseted from outdoor essentials like the heat of the sun, flying debris, terrible weather conditions, snow, rain and other open-air ruckus. On the other hand an Enclosed Carrier would cost you a lot but your car is protected from any other state of al fresco. In this option the vehicle will be placed in a roomy closed container with wheel locks so it is very much secured.

Part of the service offered by these companies is door-to-door shipping or terminal to terminal shipping or some may call it port-to-port shipping. The difference between the two is that in the door-to-door shipping, the gigantic trucks will get your car in front of you and hand it over safely to you. While in port-to-port shipping you will be the one to drop off your vehicle at a designated area and leave your car there until such time that a truck will pick it up and bring it where it has to be brought, the area is like a big storage building where all that’s in there are cars, trucks, vans and even motorcycles. It will be safely stored there until such time that it will be picked up by the owner.

It may give the impression like it is an easy thing to do but please do not take this lightly. Picking the best and the right Car Shipping Company only mean one thing – the vehicle arrived in the same condition when you hand it to them, plus arriving there on time without any damage. The most common question of a client having their cars shipped is that how is the car insurance being handled? Is your vehicle insured? Usually it is insured from the time it is picked-up until the time that it is delivered. Check you car, make a report of the cars condition, and have them signed before you hand it over to them.

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Car Shipping

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Car Shipping

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Car Shipping

This article was published on 2011/04/17